How do I bulk add users via CSV?

Adding Users in Bulk

Found on the Users index page, you are able to add users in bulk via a .csv file. All in one step, you can add users in bulk, assign them to groups and/or programs, and immediately send invites. A sample file is provided in the Add Users slide over, to ensure your file is formatted correctly before uploading. 


How to add Users via CSV:

  1. Go to the Users index page
  2. Select +Add Users
  3. On the slide over, select the tab Add Many Users
  4. Select the Upload CSV File bubble
  5. Click on the Select CSV file... > and then upload a file from your computer
    *Note- You are able to add up to 200 users at a time.
  6. After uploading the file > assign users to a role and add them to any groups and/or programs 
  7. Select Add Users

*Note- If there is an error on your csv file and the formatting is not correct, you will see a pop-up that states "Some users cannot be added." The pop-up will let you know which users are formatted incorrectly so that you can go back and edit your file.


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